Summer is here and we are spending most of our days out in the sun, eating in the parc and enjoying no nappy time (yes, we cracked the potty code).

This weekend was a sad one for me as my uncle passed away and it brought tears in my heart and down my face but also made me remember the times when I was a child and these are memories I will always cherish.

Having a three year old doesn’t allow me to be sad for as long as it takes so I had to put a smile on my face and go outside with her. On Saturday we went to the paddling pools in Cassiobury Park. The over thirty degrees made most of Watford come to the same place but I can tell you Ruby had so much fun and she actually had a little sandwich and lots of fruits.

It was a beautiful and well spent day, filled with laughter and joy. We managed to stay out for few hours. Lucky we had our sun protecting creams to save us from burning our skin.

I did manage to get a little tan but no damage done (unlike the previous years when I had to proudly wear my vest and sandals tan cause #mumlife).

We came home and played some more with our friends who joined us at the paddling pools and towards the evening a long bath and milk done the trick. Ruby fell asleep straight away and she only woke up in the morning.

Today was another story. The sun wasn’t as strong and I promised her we will go out in the park again. However, this time we decided to stop on the other side of Cassiobury Park and go to The Cha cafe and the wonderful playground.

I got myself a coffee and a custard pretzel for Ruby. This time we didn’t sit outside but decided on going straight by the sand pit where we spent just a bit over three hours.

The secured gates around the playground helped me relax a lot and I actually managed to smile at the sun enjoying my coffee on a bench while Ruby found new friends and played pretend and ran barefoot in the sand.

I wish we can have a long summer this year so we can enjoy many more beautiful days out in the sun.

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