Have you ever lay on the sofa at the end of that day feeling exhausted and thinking: “I’VE DONE NOTHING TODAY” ?

If yes, you are my tribe, my people. I’ve done it the other day. I felt like I moved mountains although I didn’t. I kept thinking about my day and literally thought I’ve done nothing and I have no reason to feel the way I feel.

But you see, you are a mama. There is no day when you do just nothing. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning YOU DO EVERYTHING even though you got no idea.

We get so used to doing things mechanically and sometimes just feel useless and like we’ve done nothing.


My days go exactly like yours. I wake up and my brain starts spinning. I think of all things I need to do. In two minutes I know if I have any appointments or play dates set, dance classes or God knows what other ones.

I wake up, pick up my daughter from bed and give her cuddles, put the kettle on to make some coffee and warm up her milk in the same time. Once this is finished, I done dishes, cleaned the hob and hoovered the house while there is a load of clothes in the washing machine and it’s almost 8am.

I am doing all these and paying attention to my daughter, answer a million “why” questions, applaud her for finishing a puzzle she done few times before and admire her sunglasses because she just found them somewhere in the house and she wants me to say how pretty she is.

Slowly but surely we get to breakfast and I make some pancakes to be sure she will actually eats something. I put the clothes on the drier and stick some more in the washing machine wondering if someone secretly lives in my house as laundry never seems to finish.

Once it’s all done I am doing dishes again and tidy up. I am having a workout while entertaining the toddler, jump quickly in the shower and get dressed. I get my daughter ready and we go out the house. I can only say that it’s not even eleven o’clock and I am telling myself I’ve done nothing but I feel exhausted.

We go park for a bit or for a play date, we do some shopping and make sure my child is tired enough to go sleep no later than eight pm. She is having some fruits and snacks outside. I check the list in my head and make sure I haven’t forgotten anything and it’s safe to head back home. Needless to mention that we actually walk everywhere and it only takes me around half hour to forty minutes from the high street home.

It’s already about 3pm and as soon as we get home I start making a late lunch for my daughter cause I feel too exhausted and not hungry. I make a coffee and sip it while preparing lunch. She is eating while watching some Disney movies and I tidy up the bathroom and hallway while thinking of outstanding bills and after she finishes I do dishes again and tidy up.

We play for a while or read her favourite books, we go back to Lego or puzzles, pretend cooking and Peppa games and before I know it it’s bath time. I get her washed and change her in PJs, she is having some food and it’s milk time. I do the dishes, we cuddle while she’s drinking her milk and we read some bedtime stories.

And here we are at eight pm getting her to bed.

Once I say good night and I love you, I crash on the sofa feeling absolutely exhausted and think: I’VE DONE NOTHING TODAY. I only want a glass of wine to unwind and fall asleep so I can start another day feeling just the same.

So you see, we do all these and still feel like we done nothing.

Dear mums out there, STOP. You are doing so much and don’t give yourself credit for it. How about crashing on that sofa with a glass of wine in your hand smiling while looking back at your day and think: I’VE DONE ALL THESE TODAY. I AM AMAZING

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