Recently I started thinking about things moms discuss with other moms and it seems like no matter the background topics are absolutely the same. As soon as you give birth every other mom out there will ask you THE QUESTIONS: "Was it natural or C-section? Did you have pain relief? What sort of pain relief?" We do our best to look like we got it all under control and have conversations and answer questions from other moms from the weird desire of hiding our true feelings.

Welcome to motherhood – the land of poo, vomit, anxiety and paranoia

Welcome to motherhood. The land of vomit, poo, sleepless nights, anxiety, worry and paranoia, the land of all crazies and never empty laundry baskets. Welcome to the land of tears, sweat, tantrums over the silliest of things, the land of magic and all possibilities. Cause this is what motherhood is. The place where everything happens…