We done it. We got a fish tank.

It was supposed to be a Christmas present for Ruby as she is totally mesmerised by fishes but she doesn’t know the calendar yet so let’s say Santa came a bit early this year.

We went to the pet store early in the morning of Saturday. We got the fish tank, few plants and decorations, food and some drops for the water to clear it out of any residue and the lady told us that we should come for the fish the next day as we have to set up the tank and filter the water to make it ready for them.

Ruby was the happiest in the store. Asking fish “What you doing fishy?” “You ok fishy?” and saying hello o each and every one of them.

Lately she has been a fan of Nemo and Dory so she was looking for them I. Every fish tank in the store.

Sunday morning it was passing down with rain and I thought it will be impossible to go down the pet store as it’s a forty minute walk and if Ruby wants to walk you can add an extra twenty. Her dad decided on going regardless of the weather so me and munchkin stayed home playing Lego and waiting for the fishy.

We now have eight little fish and the joy they brought in our home is priceless

In time we will probably upgrade to a bigger fish tank for now, these little ones are making a toddler very very happy

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