Today I started thinking just how old my blog is and how the name is not as accurate as it used to be

BABY BUTTERFLIES AND COFFEE was born a couple of months after my daughter’s birth and it started as a motherhood journal. Well, my little one is not that little anymore. She is turning seven this year and the baby butterflies are quickly turning into child worries. Her attitude resembles the one of a teenager and fun is not bubbles and play doh for sure

Our soft play days have turned into cinema trips, yoga and dance classes, swimming, running and friendship dramas. The cute tutu outfits have been replaced with “fashionable” outfits and cool trainers, Doc Martens boots and dresses and the milk bottle has been replaced with trendy water bottles and iced tea

So, yeah … I have tried to check how can I actually change my domain and find a more suitable name for my blog. I thought it would be so easy as I am already paying an annual fee for my current blog πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ well … it turns out it’s not that simple. I will have to get another domain, change my name in URL and then purchase a new domain and redirect the traffic from one blog to another πŸ€” If that’s not complicated for you …. well done! Sounds a bit like rocket science to me right now

I love my little blog here and I feel like I can start writing on a daily basis if I make a little effort but at the same time, I feel like it won’t reflect my life in this day and time. My baby is not a baby anymore so … SHALL I TAKE PLUNGE AND CHANGE THE NAME? Or shall I just stick to what I got and carry on sharing my thoughts no matter the name πŸ€”

You let me know …

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