My birthday came and it went and feels like nothing changed.

I turned forty or four like my daughter said. She woke up on 11th of May and asked if it’s my birthday and when I said yes she told me she is so happy because finally we are four years old together πŸ˜‚

COVID19 or Coronavirus is keeping me indoors still so we couldn’t do much. It was such a windy day but we decided to just have a family walk in the woods just to get some fresh air and break the routine

Whippendell Wood
Whippendell Wood
Whippendell Wood

We spent two hours exploring the nature and enjoying a bit of the Golf course as obviously nobody can play at the moment

I found out what my birthday present would have been if it weren’t for the lockdown and agreed it’s just as beautiful a present next year. We were supposed to go on an incredible holiday in Portugal and I would have been seen my dream coming true – swimming with dolphins 😍

I was happy that my friends and family remembered my birthday. As for presents, I got two new beauties in the form of a crown orchid and one yellow Calla lily that brightened my house, sweets, a book lamp and a bottle of prosecco accompanied by yummy truffles

Needless to say that the most important thing is we have our health and even if our lockdown has been extended, we got used to the new normal and learned not to take everything for granted anymore


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